Tuesday, 27 February 2007

goodbye seth cohen

so is anyone else so SAD that the oc is over?!! because i AM.
me and mason and aaron were watching the FINAL episode just now and it was so cute...aaron and mason fell asleep and we were all lying on the couch, all snuggled up. it was so funny, because they were both sNORing so loud, i couldn't tell who was who. it was awesome. i wish i would have had a tape recorder..or a camera or something. what an strange little lazy family we are.
i saw pan's labyrinth last night. it was pretty interesting. really cool, but that sort of artsy..not necessarily everyone's taste. but it was in spanish, with subtitiles, and it was awesome hearing some of the voices. it made me want to watch ameilie or life is beautiful. overall, really cool.
michelle- i pulled into the walmart parking lot today and parked next to a goldie honda. i said "oh, goldie. i miss you" out loud in my car. just thought that you should know i was missing you and your car today.
i was looking at this:
website today, and it made me want to drop everything and become a photographer. this girl is SO cute and super-talented. if she wasn't based in LUBBOCK i'd say aaron should work for her when we move back to texas. i could be the sassy receptionist, or something. but seriously, this girl is GOOD.
drumroll please....
it's official. we are ACUTALLY going SNOWBOARDING next week!!!! what!@?!?! well, it's semi-official anyways. i'll make the reservation tomorrow. but the work/money/friends going situation is finally set. as of next monday, i will be the best version of myself for about 3 days. EEEEEEIIEK. !

Saturday, 24 February 2007

so i'm OLDer

i know, i know..it's been foreVER since i last posted. well, i've been working so THERE.
anyways, i've decided to make a blog resolution. instead of waiting to post these mega posts like weekly, i've decided to post short ones more often. yes, no more waiting! (and july, i'm sorry about not writing you more often, EITHER. so you are resolution number two.)

so monday was ME and COURTNEY'S birthdays! hooray! it was a fun day. i woke up and lounged around the house like a bum, and ate PANCAKES for the first time in months. (michelle, i miss our late night ihop trips!) and then we went bowling with my friend liz from work, and two of aaron's friends from apple. it was fun, i made/bowled a STRIKE because i'm awesome. THEN we went to pf changs, which was of course, delicious. i could eat there for every meal. aaron surprised be with one of those cute circle necklaces, which was wonderful :) :) *DIAMONDS! i exclaimed* so good job to the HUSBAND, you are cute.

(i haven't figured out how exactly to post things. third resolution.)


pier one has been totally fun, by the way. it's like the ideal job for me. the corporate home office is in fort worth, TEXAS..so it looks like i'm just going to work there when i get sick of nursing in like 10 years. i think that's be perfect. it hardly even feels like work. i just wander around, straightening things, and moving around displays and helping old ladys find the perfect sette for their beach house. the ONLY bad thing is that my apron is RED, not cute BROWN like the regular priced stores (ours is a clearance center). but that's ok, still an apron anyhow.
we purchased our first grown-up dining table from there the other day, for like nothing. it's amazing, these discounts. MICHELLE!! you should just move here and i can get you all of these wonderful things for your apartment. it's such a waste that i don't have that many people here to share my wonderful discount with...and those that i could, don't have such an interest in better-ing their decor. which is sad on MANY levels.
at work, me and this other nurse have formed a "decorating comittee", which is fabulous. instead of boring ones like 'recruitment and retention', and 'patient and family education' (which i'm on), i get to help transform our unit to each upcoming holiday. :) last night we hung little clovers and leprachauns(?) everwhere. so fun. i'm going to try to finish the rest tonight.
mason decided that it'd be cool to chew up my glasses the other day, so i've been wearing my old ones all week. i've been feeling spunkier and more punk-like. i have this discussion all of the time with aaron, but he doesn't care. after i graduated, i felt like i should "grow up" a bit in my wardrobe..you know, and try to look classier. so i've been buying "what not to wear" approved things, to try to look schnazzier. but it never really felt like it was working, you know? i'm not really a sleek, sophistacated person anyways...so yes, fourth resolution: forget trying to be something i'm not-embrace the punkiness! i think i'm going back to the converse and tshirt wearing days. (hopefully with my new skinny body, i won't feel the need to cover up anymore.) big life changes here, people. converses=happiness. (julie, you know how you feel when you make your hair straight? it's been like that for the last 6 months. like pseudo-whitney. you're the only other person that really gets that :) )
by the way, ewl=12 pounds. me and courtney took like a 2 week break from the ol' diet, but now it's back ON. bikini's here we come!
i think we're going to have some visitors here in the near future!! yip! courtney might come in april, MICHELLE is trying to come at the end of april...my parents want to come soon, and aaron's parent's want to visit in june. HOORAY! we're so PoPUlar.
here is a link to our mac-photo website.

we FINALLY updated pictures from our trip home and of our little mason.
i'll write more later, must go get a 'beep'.

Thursday, 15 February 2007

i suck

so i'm at work right now...i just got here, and turns out I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO WORK TODAY.
yes. that's right.
in my calendar, i wrote that i work on thursday, but turns out, it's FRIDAY. so now, i'm going back home to sleep.
this would be great, except that i'm scheduled to work at pier one tomorrow, THINKING that i wasn't supposed to be here. oops!
i don't like working two jobs.

Thursday, 8 February 2007

i don't like waking up early

hello. it's been FOREVER since i last posted...everytime i thought about it, i was too busy and/or forgot.
this last week has been CRAZY! i started at pier one, and i've been working some overtime at work..so betwee the two, i've hardly been home. it's NO fun. i thought that i could do the two jobs, but it looks like it won't be as much fun as originally anticipated. HOPEFULLY i can get to work 2 8-hour days at pier one, instead of 3-shorter shifts because then at least i can have one day off. BUT i know this is for the best, i just want that credit card debt GONE for good. so pray for me and aaron, becuase it's no fun working all the time!
next, ceramics last night was SO FUN. since i only go once a week though, i don't get to make nearly as much stuff as i'd like....and since i'm WORKING on all of my "days off", then i can't go in for the open studio. STINK! but, it's still fantaSTIC to be doing pottery again.
work has been hard lately. we lost another little boy the other day. it's hard to know how you're going to react to things like that...it's sad to say that so far, i'd been ok-even though we've had a tough year since i started. but this little guy was especially sad because i'd actually taken care of him alot. with the others, i was able to keep an "emotional distance" because i hadn't been their nurse that often, so it was a little easier. but at least now, i know he's dancing around heaven instead of feeling crummy here.
on a happier note, mason is getting bigger by the day! he's teething now, so he's losing teeth randomly, and its so funny he's discovered raw-hide bones, and now he's so happy! he just runs around in circles and tosses his bone up in the air. so CUTE!
i got to go to pf changs the other day, yipee! it was fun to be bad, and forget about the diet. so far, ewl=10 pounds. good, but not as good as i'd wanted by this point. but something EXCITING to look forward to....i think we're going S N O W B O A R D I N G for my birthday weekend!! what better way to spend my birthday day than on the snow?!? since we're poor, we'll just go for early sunday morning and stay just one night. but i'm TOTALLY excited. !
is anyone else excited by the fact that loreli and luke are *possibly* looking like they're maybe getting back together!?!? (gilmore girls, obviously!) i'm SO glad, i like christopher, but he's just kind of a punk sometimes. but LUKE has always been there for her, and he just LOVES her so much..it's perfect. what's really annoying is how FLAKY loreli is! gosh! i wish one of these guys would just say something. i love how spunky and sassy and fast-talking she is, but dang! is she wishy-washy about those boys.
i'm promise i'm going to get aaron to show my how to post pictures on my blog. he says it's complicated because we have a mac and most of the 'picture posting' websites are for stupid pc's. so yes, JULY please help me!! what do you use? i know you are a pc user, but we can still swap secrets, right?
well, i must go, i'm at work....but i'll write more later!