Wednesday, 30 May 2007

the garden CLAW

so i'm getting REALLY excited about moving into our little house!! we move this weekend- well, really we can get into the house on friday. BUT we have to do a bunch of yardwork and painting first, so we'll probably move stuff on like monday. i'm so excited to have a little flower garden and a backyard for mason. the backyard right now has ivy all over the place, so we're going to rip up the stuff on the ground, and PLANT grass on friday. i'm excited. i went to home depot the other day with my friend rachel, and i bought all the stuff. i'm going to have a fancy little garden. i think i'd like to try to grow some veggies or maybe pumpkins...but i guess i should just stick with flowers first. hopefully i can be the next martha stewart. or some other famous gardener. i can't WAIT to use my garden claw. i will be aerating with the best of them.
so AARON comes back tomorrow!! he went to texas early friday morning to his great-grandmother's funeral (sad), and i've missed him terribly! it's sad really. but i've just been talking to myself and mason. we've had a good time, though. but i've kind of hit a wall with the packing thing, so at least i'll have some help :)
i cut my friend anne's hair the other day. it looks FANTASTIC. we did highlights, too. it was super-fun. i guess in the last month, i've cut like 4 of my work friend's hair. it's fun to make people look good :)
julie-i can't believe you are counting down the days until you come back, you are crAZY! enjoy it while you can! the rest of us are just jeaLOUs as can be :)
i want these from crate and barrel:

i think it's so sassy. aaron has some new pier one furniture (surprise) that's black and kinda textured, so it'd go perfect! i can't decide, their shipping is like $15. hmm.
i PROMISE, pictures to come on our photo website from the april visitors. sorry!

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

i wish i could have watched the bachelor, but i'm at work.

so i hate north carolina drivers, i've decided!
me and aaron had a horrendous experience the other day driving to raleigh for this art-fest thing downtown (way fun, by the way). they closed down the major interstate to one lane, so of COURSE people have to drive crazy and try to go past the line, and cut over...and basically just screwed everything up. it took us one hour to go 1 1/2 miles to the next exit. CRAP! people kept going around the line on the shoulder and it was SO annoying. one point, me and aaron decided to take a stand and get half into that lane, so we could stop those jerks, but they STILL kept going around us in their little jeeps and stupid acuras. even an ELEMENT betrayed us! blasphemy! it was terrible. at one point, we thought we had a backer behind us, but alas, they too were just trying to go around. one honda civic hatchback against the world. we lost.
when we fINAlly made it to the art festival, it was totally fun. it reminded me of austin. there was a bunch of pottery, so that was neat. i can't wait until i can take my next class! this time, a bunch of work girls want to join me. should be fabulous.
me and aaron move soon, and we haven't packed at ALL. i can't wait to paint our new walls and buy patio furniture and plant a garden. i think i'll buy a 'garden claw'. do you think that they're only available thru the info-mertial? mertial. that looks wrong. we're going to cut down a bunch of ivy that's all over the backyard ground, and try to plant some grass-seeds so that mason can have a backyard. does anyone have any tips on growing grass? i know you need to water it alot, but that's all i got.
i want to get one of those seat-hammocks for our front porch. i think that will be excellent. i can't wait to read magazines and watch the passerbyers on duke street. !

aaron wants to get mason a friend. like a bulldog or a dalmation. i think that sounds fun, but i can't decide if that would make life easier, or harder. i think i'd want a more chill dog, like a BASSET HOUND. so that he/she can sit and watch movies with me. but then would mason drive him/her crazy? should i get another hyper dog?

another dog=fun
mason can run himself silly and quit jumping all over us
mason and the new dog can be friends

one more dog to have someone watch for us if we go out of town
more moo-lah
probably has to be a boy dog so that there's no 'issues'

i guess that's it.

so those puppies are CUTE. oh my gosh. july- is it easier to have 3 cats vs 1? you, my friend, are the pet expansion exPERt.

does anyone listen to amy winehouse? because you SHOULD if you don't.

i thought she was supposed to be all scandalous and angry, but she IS FANTASTIC! she's all bluesy and woNDerful. i wish i could sing like that. me and mason were listening to her today while i was trying to clean the casa.
still no progress on losing more weight...dang! summer is here, and i'm not bikini-ready! oh well. i bought some cute shorts today, so that's something.
i wish i were in london and paris. julie, have SO much fun for me, ok?
what do we think about the grey's anatomy finish? what was THAT about? sometimes i just wish people could be happy and not so self-depricating. !
i want one of these:

hopefully my car can hold out until the end of the summer, and we can save up!
i'm excited.

Monday, 14 May 2007


so it's been forEVER since i last posted. it seems to be a trend of mine..but i don't usually feel like i have that much to say, so yes. here we go.
so the work-a-thon was terrible as expected, but it was awesome to get to senda big check to the ol' credit card company. so now we've cut down our debt by about $3000. so WAH-HOO! soon enough we'll be debt-free and i can get my little element! eep!
otherwise, we are MOVING in a couple of weeks out of our stupid apartment, so that's exciting. the people downstairs finally moved out, so no more mason lOCKDOWn at 11:00pm! that was getting annoying. but we haven't started packing at ALL, so wish me luck. hopefully i can just plop a bunch of stuff in my backseat and make a bunch of trips over there. like 31 times.
my parents and michelle visited us out here a couple of weeks ago, so that was WAY fun! it was nice seeing people from home, and it was REALLY nice just to not be working. we got to go to washington dc, and see all of the capitol stuff...that was cool. and with michelle, we got to spend a night at the beach. i got some sun, which my white body desPERately needed. aaron lost his wedding ring, and then found it (well, the guys with metal detectors found it). it was SO fun to get to hang out again.
we got some new dining chairs for our lovely pier one table! yipee! they are FABulous, as expected. they are on our picture website. i'll try to post the vacation pictures soon...i usually have to ask aaron all kinds of questions, but i'll try!
speaking of, i think aaron might be getting a promotion soon! way to go aaron. he'll soon be a CREATIVE. which sounds so elitist to me, but translated means "the guy who does one-on-one training to help people learn how to use their computers". but he LOVES doing that anyways, so perfect!
i've been cutting a lot of people's hair out here that's been fun. i'd love to go to cosmetology school out here part time, but the only one i've found is only full time. plus, it takes like 9 months to complete. yikes! i figure i'll either do hair or interior design when i get tired of nursing in like 15 years. should be fun :)
my little man at work got discharged like 2 weeks ago, hooraY! it's great to see kids going home...sometimes i forget that some people actually DO get better. it's been hard up here lately...sometimes i don't know how i do this everyday! i never thought i would want to do pediatric oncology-especially with the kids where treatment didn't work before...but i really do like my job. i think god has been able to lift my spirits through my little support system of aaron and mason. plus, i have a lot more friends out here now, so that's always good. and ice cream doesn't hurt either.
so the whole get skinny program is back on. i stopped for a little while because, basically it's no fun being on a diet. but APPAREnTLY it's really easy to gain weight back, so my progress has been stunted! drat! so my ewl of 20 lbs went to about 14 lbs. oh well. back on :)
go see "in the land of women" with adam brody, it's fabulous. and eat lots of popcorn for me.
july, i hope your trip to oxford goes peachily-i'm sure you'll be GREAT! i watched "you've got mail" last night, and thought of you :)