Monday, 11 June 2007

i planted poppies from seeds. i hope they grow.

hello people.
so we MOVED into our perfect little house with a big backyard...and it's fabulous. the only thing NOT fabulous is the fact that i have to do regular life things-like work. it's not nEArly as fun as hanging pictures and fixing my little italian kitchen. we have to be out of our little apartment by TOMORROW, so pray that we can get the last of our junk out in time! i'm so sick of those stairs.
how fun! she came with the boyfriend-taylor-and it's exciting. they can only stay until tomorrow night, but it's still nice to see them. i just wish i was less tired...and the house was perfect. oh well.
so WHENEVER stupid time warner hooks up our new houses' internet, i will post some sassy pictures of the last couple of weeks. a recap:
dodgeball pictures.
landscaping with the best of 'em.
painting up a storm.
the ultimate tempur-pedic mattress.
SO there you go. be excited!