Friday, 27 June 2008


so i guess i've been gone for forever..and now i guess i'm back!
for the longest time i felt like i really had nothing to say, or that no one really cared whAt i was yes. now i am back and ready to ramble.
our new neighbors called the COPS on us the other night. CAN YOU BEIEVE THAT?!!? it makes me angry just to think about. we had some frieds over to have a 'family dinner' (our group's newest fun avoid spending money out to eat, and just to be grownups and have dinner parties).
so yes. the family dinner. we were waiting for the chicken tortilla casserole to finish (best food ever-will change your world)..and playing catch phrase. it was like 9:30. our building has "quiet hours" between 10-8 everyday, so whatever. only 9:30, we're good, right? WRONG. one of our friends kelly saw someone she knew in the hallway (a cop) and he was like 'oh, you must be down the hall'. he'd apparently gotten a 'call' about us...WHAT!? he didn't come by, but jeez-i was so angry at these invisible neighbors we don't even know yet! we were playing catch phrase for goodness sake..
so now i send little stink-eyes at their (we're guessing) door every time i take mason out. so if you're the one looking at me from behind your little peep hole, i hope you've got the funk. and i DON'T want to meet you. by the way, i'm whitney.