Sunday, 28 January 2007


well, my week off was very productive.
we were SUPPOSED to go snowboarding this week, but 1) there was no snow, and 2)we are POOR.
which brings me to my next point...i got a JOB at PIER ONE!!! since we ARE so poor, and i've always wanted to work at pier one...i applied. wednesday after my CERAMICS class, the manager called me and i had an interview thursday. i start monday! yip! what's really cool is that i get to set up displays, check people out, AND wear a cute apron and nametag. seriously, so FUN! i don't get paid that much, but at least i will enjoy going to work.
ceramics this week was really fun. i made two bowls.
AND this girl in my class is DRIVING ME CRAZY! she's like super-potter and whips out these bowls one right after the other. and everyone in the class is like "oh, you're SOOO good, wow!! you've made SOOOO MAANNYY!!" and she's all non-chalant about it, like "oh, yeah. well...". and i just HATE it! not only because the bowls aren't even that CUTE, but because she's not even gracious about all of the flattery. the end.
i steam cleaned our carpets this week. i feel MUCH better about life.
mason is basically house-trained. me and aaron are like super-parents. i'm so proud.
gettin' skinny is going ok. ewl=8 pounds.
i saw a picture of myself at a work christmas party, and i almost CRIED. oh my gosh. someone should have told me eariler that i looked HORRIBLE and huge-round face. ekk. i'm glad that i've actually showed progress, but i've still got a long ways to go.
some girls from work got together yesterday for a scrapbooking party. so i decided that i should go. i'm not really a scrapbooking-kind of girl, but i need some friends, so yes. i went. but we didn't end up scrapbooking afer all. so yes. i still have my dignity. and spunkiness. so there, aaron!
think about me on monday, because i'll be having the BEST time!
happy marriage noel and patrick.
happy late birthday daniel (kelley's husband)
happy late birthday bret.

Sunday, 21 January 2007

i like popcorn

so me and aaron really like the oc, right? well, since the 4th season started, we haven't gotten to watch any becuase we missed the first three episodes. so for like forever we've had them saved on our dvr, and i've been DYING to watch.....and today is the dAY! we read mini reviews online ( i know, dorks) and since about 10:00 we've been watching them all back-to-back. HOORAY! i'm excited.
that's really all.
ps. it snowed the other day. it's been a good week :)

Thursday, 18 January 2007

I have no idea what to put here:

so YES, it's true. i've started a blog. mostly because i want to be just like july..and that's really it.
PLUS, this is a very MOMENTUS day-well deserving of a post!

today, i went to a C E R A M I C S class!! eek!
what's that, you say? yes, a ceramics class just for me! a girl at work told me about this "durham arts council" they have here, where you can take like painting, photography, BELLYdancing, and other fun things. if i didn't have a HUGE fear of dancing, much less dancing in front of anyone, ESPECIALLY in some midriff-revealing top..then i would TOTALLY do it. anyways, back to business. i get to take a ceramics class that's basically for people that have done it before, but just needed a place to do it and all of the supplies. i feel like i'm using too many exclamation points, but i'm too excited!!!! !!
so yes, today i made a beautiful vase for the first time in almost TWO and a HALF years. it was exquisite. (making pottery, not the vase exactly)


i'm trying to stay awake tonight because i work tomorrow, so i'm sitting around watching "i love new york" and it makes me want to have big african lips. sPEakING of, i saw dreamgirls the other was so GOOD. i wish i were beyonce. she's so fabulous. those girls can sAANg.

it's supposed to snow here tomorrow morning, YIP! i hope it does, so that aaron can stay home from work and we can make a snowman. it's been so warm this winter, i've barely gotten to wear any of my spunky scarves! and that's the most fun thing about the cold weather. so BRING ON THE SNOW. and the scarves.

titling my blog made me start to think about italy if you haven't seen it, watch "under the tuscan sun" for me and you can come visit me some day and we can eat pizza and get fat. sounds marvelous.

at work, we talk about our kid's progress in terms of "day + __(day of their transplant)". like day + 8, means their transplant was eight days ago. since me and courtney started the "getting skinny" program on dec 19th, i've been thinking of my life like that. "day +27 of gettin' skinny". so yes, i think i'll add that to my posts.
today is day + 31 of getting skinny. ewl (estimated weight loss): 6 pounds.
i think that it's good for me to post my progress, so that if i start slacking off, you guys can leave messages to remind me to get on it! so far, it's been going ok. aaron decided to join me as of days ago. so aaron is day +4. so HOPEFULLY by summertime, we will be the next brad pitt and felicity. (but mostly because of her hair, obviously.)

i'll post pictures and other fun links when i figure all this out.