Friday, 4 July 2008

i like cookie dough ice cream

so tomorrow morning i'm driving to philadelphia with michelle, aaron, and her friend amy for 4th of july festivities! i'm so excited.
michelle is travel nursing in boston next, so she drove through durham today, and we're going to go hang for the night at her cousins' townhouse. veRY patriotic. there's going to be an ice cream festival, fireworks, a parade, and john legend. should be a rockin' time.
in other news, our new apartment is almost FINALLY completed. my chi is in order, and i'm feeling gOOd.
that is all, happy weekend :)

Friday, 27 June 2008


so i guess i've been gone for forever..and now i guess i'm back!
for the longest time i felt like i really had nothing to say, or that no one really cared whAt i was yes. now i am back and ready to ramble.
our new neighbors called the COPS on us the other night. CAN YOU BEIEVE THAT?!!? it makes me angry just to think about. we had some frieds over to have a 'family dinner' (our group's newest fun avoid spending money out to eat, and just to be grownups and have dinner parties).
so yes. the family dinner. we were waiting for the chicken tortilla casserole to finish (best food ever-will change your world)..and playing catch phrase. it was like 9:30. our building has "quiet hours" between 10-8 everyday, so whatever. only 9:30, we're good, right? WRONG. one of our friends kelly saw someone she knew in the hallway (a cop) and he was like 'oh, you must be down the hall'. he'd apparently gotten a 'call' about us...WHAT!? he didn't come by, but jeez-i was so angry at these invisible neighbors we don't even know yet! we were playing catch phrase for goodness sake..
so now i send little stink-eyes at their (we're guessing) door every time i take mason out. so if you're the one looking at me from behind your little peep hole, i hope you've got the funk. and i DON'T want to meet you. by the way, i'm whitney.

Saturday, 24 November 2007


so basically, august rush is the best movie ever. it was heaven (in the voice of the little boy from 'the holiday'.
everyone should go see it tomorrow. and that's that. it was perfect and i knew it would be, but really. delightful.

in other words.
i didn't have to work thanksgiving, so that was aWEsome! well, i worked the night before, but the night of..they got to send a patient home, so that meant I got to stay home! yipee :) aaron decided around 2 pm that he was going to cook thanksgiving dinner. it was awesome. he made stuffing, sweet yams, green bean casserole, chicken (i know. turkey's overrated) and rolls (which got!) it was fantastic. i'm married to a regular paula dean. or rachel ray. i guess he'd be more like rachel ray, seeing as she's also hip and cool.
so this morning i ate burned rolls and pumpkin pie for breakfast. it was perfect.
operation:organize house is almost that's fun. i might put up our christmas tree tomorrow.
i CANNOT BELIEVE IT SNOWED IN DALLAS ON THANKSGIVING! i'm SO SO jealous! it was cold here, but not snow-cold.
i think about snowboarding all of the time. i really hope we can go this year...the alternative makes me very sad. come on aaron's job! we're trying to be patient..but it's getting tough!
mason is sitting next to me intently chewing a rubber bone. he's making funny squeaking sounds. he's really the coolest dog ever.
hope everyone has fun weekends. stay away from the malls!

Wednesday, 21 November 2007


so thanksgiving is coming up...hooray for rolls! except i have to WORK on thanksgiving! so basically it won't really feel like anything. can someone plEAse eat some rolls and pumpkin pie for me and tell me how it was?!

disney was really fun. florida was much more rainy and cloudy than we expected...but still exciting to be out of town. our race was good. and by good i mean good that we finished! holy cow. i can't believe we did it! i stuck with aaron, and we stopped a couple of times, but we mostly ran it all. HOORAY! if you would have told me 4 months ago that i could run 8.2 miles i would have just died. well, we did and i just feLt like i was dying.
one plus: we saw joey fatone and got a picture with him! how funny

i guess he was there seeing a friend do the race. random!
disney was great...i got to have my picture taken with the princesses. so that was cool.
and seeing everything was really fun. we got to ride a lot of stuff. too bad it rained on us though! that's why we look so crappy :)

aaron had fun in the gift shop-

sea world was awesome it's like aaron's ultimate place, so he had a blast. we took a behind-the-scenes tour, so that was really cool. we got to touch a penguin, feed the sea otters, feed and pet the dolphins, and eat dinner next to shamu's pool. the shows were pretty awesome, we (of course) got some neat pictures:

so yeah. we had a good time. if you want to see more of the like MIlliON pictures, you can go to
and you can even download from there, if you so choose :)

miss you already michelle!

we even got to rent these dirt bikes in daytona beach with michelle's brother. that was rAD.

so since we've gotten back i've done hardly aNY running, and gotten a bunch of stuff done around the house. we are almost FINALLY moved in! about time-5 months later! i'm making aaron put up shelves and things, and i've been organizing...basically just a lOT of fun. i'm excited to not have an agenda at home. i can just be dOne, with no piles of anything laying around.
i'm excited about christmas! me and aaron still aren't doing any presents this year (he's still jobless), but at least i'm not it should feel like a real holiday :) and we've got some friends who are also stuck here this year, so that'll be nice. i'll post pictures of our christmas tree this weekend when i put it up.
till next time!
ps. july-i got a tray of chicken bitties the other day for me and aaron and i thought of you.

Thursday, 25 October 2007


so we're going to disney world in like 3 hours!! wah-oo!!
i'm super-excited to get to go on a rEAl vacation! we're going to universal studios, magic kingdom, epcot, animal kingdom, sea world...we're seeing it all! it should be absolutely FABulous. i can't wait.

PLUS i ran 8 miles today for the first time ever. HOLY COW. maybe we can do this 8.2 miles after all :) pray for us on saturday...we will MOST definatley be struggling :)

Friday, 19 October 2007

i love pf changs.

we just ate at pf changs (big surprise) and it was delicious.
i don't know what i would have done, michelle, without you showing me the light. i guess i'd be a lot sadder. and smaller, probably :)
so a lot has happened since i last posted...
so we went to texas and it was aWEsomE! it was so nice to see everyone, and EAT good food every day. i acutally gained 6 pounds.
in a week and a half.
and not just "i'm so fat! i gained six pounds!"
but really.
so ANYWays, since we've been back me and aaron have been trying to run as much as we can, so that we can actually DO this race next weekend. we are SUPEr excited to get to go to disney world, though. hooRAY! aaron has never been, and i went when i was lik 8, so it should be a good time. plus i get to hang out with michelle and liz, so it'd be fun either way. we're going to spend a couple of days at the beach, and a couple at disney'll be a blast!
work has been really sad lately. i guess they say it comes in waves, but our 'wave' doesn't seem to be going away. one of my favorite patients is really sick, 2 died this week, and one more was told he relapsed. yikes. i just can't imagine living day to day with that kind of burden on your heart. these families are really amazing. one little boy that passed the other day had a really sweet christian parents and an older sister. when he was gone, the dad cried for a bit, and then composed himself and immediately rushed over to his little girl and told her that they couldn't take her brother home with them. he said that he needed to go to heaven, and he was waiting for them there. the little guy's favorite thing was eating cheetos..and his dad was talking to him once he was gone, and said 'you know the best part about eating cheetos in heaven? you don't get orange fingers" what an amazing spirit..i just can't imagine.
sorry to be sad..
on another note: i had a girl doctor appointment last week and they found a "fibrous" lump, and she wanted me to get a mammogram and ultrasound to get it checked out, since my grandmother had breast cancer. scaRY! i know it would probably be fine, but still..i was nervous all week. (this was last wednesday). so THEN aaron got FIRED from his job at apple on saturday-and we lost our insurance that day too! god must have really been testing us this week. it's a long story, but basically, it was a policy thing, but he really had a peace about the whole thing.
so, we were short a job, insurance, and i had appointments for PT and mammograms with no insurance. hmm. so after many prayers, i was able to re-sign on with duke's insurance, effective the DAY that aaron lost ours. prAISE JESUS! so i got to keep my appointments, and turns out everything is FINE. i guess it's just a fat glob.
that's right, i have a fat glob in my left breast.
ps. mammograms are tOTALLy weird. i wouldn't reccommend them. especailly if you don't have much to work with in the first place :)
deep sigh.
so it's been a tough week, but we know we'll get throught this. aaron has been working on his portfolio and getting certified in photoshop so that he can "beef up" his resume, so he can FINALLY do what he really loves-graphic design/photography. so send prayers out to north carolina, so that aaron can find a good job. i think the perfect one is out there somewhere, but if he was still working at apple, he couldn't find it.
so that's that.
i took mason to the puppy groomers the other day, to see if he could be shaved since he's a shedding machine (he couldn't by the way), but they dID bathe him and brush his teeth and such..and even got this cute bandana! i was a proud mom.
BUT also the worst mom, since we looked up mason's info the other day to see when his birthday was..because we knew it was at the end of october..and we'd miSSED it. it was oct 6th. we are such bad parents! so happy late birthday mason.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Holy COW

how funny is this?! this is how i feel every day with aaron.