Sunday, 23 September 2007

Holy COW

how funny is this?! this is how i feel every day with aaron.

Friday, 14 September 2007

workin' girl

so yes. this is my 7th night in a row to work. that's right. life stinks a bit right now.
this is partly planned, so that i could get in my on call hours before we left for TEXAS, and i usually do one overtime shift a week, but yikes. i had to work my on call day this week, and yes. i basically feel like a zombie. YOW!
on another note, i've been precepting at work lately, which is a change. it's kind of fun..especially because i only did this a year ago, so i remember how scary it is. so that's that. did i MENTION that i have to do charge nurse too?! yes. manditory charge nurse training. no fun. i get 6 training shifts, and i've done 4. hopefully my last two come in like a YEAR when i feel like i'm ready.
guess what people...i ran FIVE miles the other day. yip! so it looks like this whole race thing might actually be feasible. which is...unexpected. and my knees are getting better every pt lady said i could come back in 2 weeks this time, instead of every week. so that's good :)
(i feel like these are boring blogs...perhaps i should tell a story)
the other day, the old lady who lives across the street came banging on our screen door, to ask if there was a man in the house because her brother fell down in the bathroom. aaron was there, luckily, and he went over to assist. then the crazy lady comes back, and yells through the screen agaIN, and wanted the "nurse" who lived there to come over and help. umm. i'm a "nurse", but i don't know how to take care of people who don't have cancer. and aren't kids.
**now i'm off work**
so anyways, i went over there, and aaron had gotten this little guy up and back to his room. he had a pretty good knot on his head, and a cut on his foot, but otherwise good. but i don't knOW if this guys got a concussion, or how bad his foot was bleeding (becuase he wouldn't take off his sock)..and this lady was rambling, like all old ladies do, and i just felt very incompetant. she took us into the living room afterwards and started telling us his life story and offered us ginger ale. it was funny. we kindly declined and then went back home after assuring her that he was ok, and to take him in if she has any doubts in the morning.
well, we got back home and i was just so unsettled. i kept bugging aaron like 'what if he's not ok?' and 'should i go back over there and hand her this printout on concussions?!' i felt VEry nervous for him. well, i think he's good, because she hasn't come back over here.
THEN yesterday when i got home from work, i was watering the flowers, and all i hear from across the street is that little, cute old lady muttering explatives at her shrubs as she watered them. for like 10 minutes.
seriously, it was like a sailor.
i'm not sure why she was so mad.
the end.
i'm mad at victoria's secret. i ordered this super cute swimsuit from them last month and i've been WAITING for like forever for it to be shipped. they were moving into a new distribution center..blah blah, and it took like a moNTH to process. i got another confirmation email from them this morning, and it looks like they shipped it finally, but the wROng size. BLAST! but the nice girl on the phone assured me that the correct size would be here by next thrusday. we leave for dallas on thursday morning. what the heck am i going to do with a swimsuit in OCTOBER!? come on!
tonight is my last night. i am SO excited. i'm going to sleep.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

so wow.
this was a post on one of my patient's websites:

i don't even know what to say.
it breaks my heart how much hurt there is in this world.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

i'm hungry.

so WOW. a lot has happened since i last wrote.
1. i am OFFICIALLY a north carolina driver. (i have a license AND a new plate!) you know what's cool? you get to pICK your background when you get it, either a plane, lighthouse, state seal, or state map. obviously i picked the plane.
2. i went wakeboarding for the first time-super fun, by the way. it's like snowboarding in the summer! yip.
3. i re-arranged my flower bed, again. but now, everything is where it should be. it wasn't cooperating with the shade/sun requirements because of all the trees. but it's better now.
i guess that's it.
oh, and
4. mason SWAM in the water all by himself. i am SO proud! he jumped off the boat into the water, aLL on his own.
5. the ivy is STILL not dead (in the backyard). aaron tried to kill it with a round of round-up, but geez. i think it'll take 3 more tries.
6. we found out how to get into the door that goes under the house! it was all covered with ivy and spiders, but it's cool under there.

so i thought of a few more.

so our race is still ON. my physical therapy is going well...a couple of weeks ago i started having siatic pain, and then like heel spurs (?) or something, but they told me to stop running, and so far, everything is better. hmm. BUT i got new shoes, so that's probably something.
7. i got new running shoes.
8. and running clothes.
9. and michelle gave us those nike running things that go with your ipod, that tell you how far you've gone and how many calories you've burned. ! sounds exciting.

we get to go to TEXAS in a couple of weeks!! i'm so excited. i haven't been home since last november! so that should be fun. we'll get to go home to hang with michelle, see my family, go to austin to see courtney, go to lubbock to see aaron's family, and stop by ol' abliene too. should be fun. the tour o'texas round 2.

10. i FINALLY got my oil changed. all that's left is the inspection. !
me and aaron are going to the beach on thursday for the day. i think that will be fabulous. anne and some other friends are going, too. so hooray!

our debt repayment is going ok. i gave anne our credit cards, so that we aren't tempted to use them. it's SUPER hard, but i can't WAIT until they are gone! i've been working an extra shift at work every week, so hopefully they'll be gone by the time we go to disney world in october.

back to this:ewl=2 pounds.
i think i should start posting this, since i slack so much. esPECially since michelle is doing so well.
someone asked me the other day if i was on a diet.
"i've been on a diet since december".
wow. that's a long time. maybe i should stop eating on the border every now and then. (p.s. i can't WAIT to have texas food when we come home-abuelos, chuy's, bueno, SNO hut, cheddars..yUM!)
i'll try to post some pictures in the next couple of days of what we've been up to...maybe even a link to the wakeboarder-of-all-time clip. that'd be fun :)
anyone else excited about grey's anatomy coming back? i AM. i wonder when america's next top model will come back? hmm.
well there you go.
one more story.
at the dmv, i was waiting in those little chairs, and the girl next to me asked me if i was getting my license for the first time too.
oh my gosh.
i think i need a new look. more highlights, perhaps?