Saturday, 24 November 2007


so basically, august rush is the best movie ever. it was heaven (in the voice of the little boy from 'the holiday'.
everyone should go see it tomorrow. and that's that. it was perfect and i knew it would be, but really. delightful.

in other words.
i didn't have to work thanksgiving, so that was aWEsome! well, i worked the night before, but the night of..they got to send a patient home, so that meant I got to stay home! yipee :) aaron decided around 2 pm that he was going to cook thanksgiving dinner. it was awesome. he made stuffing, sweet yams, green bean casserole, chicken (i know. turkey's overrated) and rolls (which got!) it was fantastic. i'm married to a regular paula dean. or rachel ray. i guess he'd be more like rachel ray, seeing as she's also hip and cool.
so this morning i ate burned rolls and pumpkin pie for breakfast. it was perfect.
operation:organize house is almost that's fun. i might put up our christmas tree tomorrow.
i CANNOT BELIEVE IT SNOWED IN DALLAS ON THANKSGIVING! i'm SO SO jealous! it was cold here, but not snow-cold.
i think about snowboarding all of the time. i really hope we can go this year...the alternative makes me very sad. come on aaron's job! we're trying to be patient..but it's getting tough!
mason is sitting next to me intently chewing a rubber bone. he's making funny squeaking sounds. he's really the coolest dog ever.
hope everyone has fun weekends. stay away from the malls!

Wednesday, 21 November 2007


so thanksgiving is coming up...hooray for rolls! except i have to WORK on thanksgiving! so basically it won't really feel like anything. can someone plEAse eat some rolls and pumpkin pie for me and tell me how it was?!

disney was really fun. florida was much more rainy and cloudy than we expected...but still exciting to be out of town. our race was good. and by good i mean good that we finished! holy cow. i can't believe we did it! i stuck with aaron, and we stopped a couple of times, but we mostly ran it all. HOORAY! if you would have told me 4 months ago that i could run 8.2 miles i would have just died. well, we did and i just feLt like i was dying.
one plus: we saw joey fatone and got a picture with him! how funny

i guess he was there seeing a friend do the race. random!
disney was great...i got to have my picture taken with the princesses. so that was cool.
and seeing everything was really fun. we got to ride a lot of stuff. too bad it rained on us though! that's why we look so crappy :)

aaron had fun in the gift shop-

sea world was awesome it's like aaron's ultimate place, so he had a blast. we took a behind-the-scenes tour, so that was really cool. we got to touch a penguin, feed the sea otters, feed and pet the dolphins, and eat dinner next to shamu's pool. the shows were pretty awesome, we (of course) got some neat pictures:

so yeah. we had a good time. if you want to see more of the like MIlliON pictures, you can go to
and you can even download from there, if you so choose :)

miss you already michelle!

we even got to rent these dirt bikes in daytona beach with michelle's brother. that was rAD.

so since we've gotten back i've done hardly aNY running, and gotten a bunch of stuff done around the house. we are almost FINALLY moved in! about time-5 months later! i'm making aaron put up shelves and things, and i've been organizing...basically just a lOT of fun. i'm excited to not have an agenda at home. i can just be dOne, with no piles of anything laying around.
i'm excited about christmas! me and aaron still aren't doing any presents this year (he's still jobless), but at least i'm not it should feel like a real holiday :) and we've got some friends who are also stuck here this year, so that'll be nice. i'll post pictures of our christmas tree this weekend when i put it up.
till next time!
ps. july-i got a tray of chicken bitties the other day for me and aaron and i thought of you.

Thursday, 25 October 2007


so we're going to disney world in like 3 hours!! wah-oo!!
i'm super-excited to get to go on a rEAl vacation! we're going to universal studios, magic kingdom, epcot, animal kingdom, sea world...we're seeing it all! it should be absolutely FABulous. i can't wait.

PLUS i ran 8 miles today for the first time ever. HOLY COW. maybe we can do this 8.2 miles after all :) pray for us on saturday...we will MOST definatley be struggling :)

Friday, 19 October 2007

i love pf changs.

we just ate at pf changs (big surprise) and it was delicious.
i don't know what i would have done, michelle, without you showing me the light. i guess i'd be a lot sadder. and smaller, probably :)
so a lot has happened since i last posted...
so we went to texas and it was aWEsomE! it was so nice to see everyone, and EAT good food every day. i acutally gained 6 pounds.
in a week and a half.
and not just "i'm so fat! i gained six pounds!"
but really.
so ANYWays, since we've been back me and aaron have been trying to run as much as we can, so that we can actually DO this race next weekend. we are SUPEr excited to get to go to disney world, though. hooRAY! aaron has never been, and i went when i was lik 8, so it should be a good time. plus i get to hang out with michelle and liz, so it'd be fun either way. we're going to spend a couple of days at the beach, and a couple at disney'll be a blast!
work has been really sad lately. i guess they say it comes in waves, but our 'wave' doesn't seem to be going away. one of my favorite patients is really sick, 2 died this week, and one more was told he relapsed. yikes. i just can't imagine living day to day with that kind of burden on your heart. these families are really amazing. one little boy that passed the other day had a really sweet christian parents and an older sister. when he was gone, the dad cried for a bit, and then composed himself and immediately rushed over to his little girl and told her that they couldn't take her brother home with them. he said that he needed to go to heaven, and he was waiting for them there. the little guy's favorite thing was eating cheetos..and his dad was talking to him once he was gone, and said 'you know the best part about eating cheetos in heaven? you don't get orange fingers" what an amazing spirit..i just can't imagine.
sorry to be sad..
on another note: i had a girl doctor appointment last week and they found a "fibrous" lump, and she wanted me to get a mammogram and ultrasound to get it checked out, since my grandmother had breast cancer. scaRY! i know it would probably be fine, but still..i was nervous all week. (this was last wednesday). so THEN aaron got FIRED from his job at apple on saturday-and we lost our insurance that day too! god must have really been testing us this week. it's a long story, but basically, it was a policy thing, but he really had a peace about the whole thing.
so, we were short a job, insurance, and i had appointments for PT and mammograms with no insurance. hmm. so after many prayers, i was able to re-sign on with duke's insurance, effective the DAY that aaron lost ours. prAISE JESUS! so i got to keep my appointments, and turns out everything is FINE. i guess it's just a fat glob.
that's right, i have a fat glob in my left breast.
ps. mammograms are tOTALLy weird. i wouldn't reccommend them. especailly if you don't have much to work with in the first place :)
deep sigh.
so it's been a tough week, but we know we'll get throught this. aaron has been working on his portfolio and getting certified in photoshop so that he can "beef up" his resume, so he can FINALLY do what he really loves-graphic design/photography. so send prayers out to north carolina, so that aaron can find a good job. i think the perfect one is out there somewhere, but if he was still working at apple, he couldn't find it.
so that's that.
i took mason to the puppy groomers the other day, to see if he could be shaved since he's a shedding machine (he couldn't by the way), but they dID bathe him and brush his teeth and such..and even got this cute bandana! i was a proud mom.
BUT also the worst mom, since we looked up mason's info the other day to see when his birthday was..because we knew it was at the end of october..and we'd miSSED it. it was oct 6th. we are such bad parents! so happy late birthday mason.

Sunday, 23 September 2007

Holy COW

how funny is this?! this is how i feel every day with aaron.

Friday, 14 September 2007

workin' girl

so yes. this is my 7th night in a row to work. that's right. life stinks a bit right now.
this is partly planned, so that i could get in my on call hours before we left for TEXAS, and i usually do one overtime shift a week, but yikes. i had to work my on call day this week, and yes. i basically feel like a zombie. YOW!
on another note, i've been precepting at work lately, which is a change. it's kind of fun..especially because i only did this a year ago, so i remember how scary it is. so that's that. did i MENTION that i have to do charge nurse too?! yes. manditory charge nurse training. no fun. i get 6 training shifts, and i've done 4. hopefully my last two come in like a YEAR when i feel like i'm ready.
guess what people...i ran FIVE miles the other day. yip! so it looks like this whole race thing might actually be feasible. which is...unexpected. and my knees are getting better every pt lady said i could come back in 2 weeks this time, instead of every week. so that's good :)
(i feel like these are boring blogs...perhaps i should tell a story)
the other day, the old lady who lives across the street came banging on our screen door, to ask if there was a man in the house because her brother fell down in the bathroom. aaron was there, luckily, and he went over to assist. then the crazy lady comes back, and yells through the screen agaIN, and wanted the "nurse" who lived there to come over and help. umm. i'm a "nurse", but i don't know how to take care of people who don't have cancer. and aren't kids.
**now i'm off work**
so anyways, i went over there, and aaron had gotten this little guy up and back to his room. he had a pretty good knot on his head, and a cut on his foot, but otherwise good. but i don't knOW if this guys got a concussion, or how bad his foot was bleeding (becuase he wouldn't take off his sock)..and this lady was rambling, like all old ladies do, and i just felt very incompetant. she took us into the living room afterwards and started telling us his life story and offered us ginger ale. it was funny. we kindly declined and then went back home after assuring her that he was ok, and to take him in if she has any doubts in the morning.
well, we got back home and i was just so unsettled. i kept bugging aaron like 'what if he's not ok?' and 'should i go back over there and hand her this printout on concussions?!' i felt VEry nervous for him. well, i think he's good, because she hasn't come back over here.
THEN yesterday when i got home from work, i was watering the flowers, and all i hear from across the street is that little, cute old lady muttering explatives at her shrubs as she watered them. for like 10 minutes.
seriously, it was like a sailor.
i'm not sure why she was so mad.
the end.
i'm mad at victoria's secret. i ordered this super cute swimsuit from them last month and i've been WAITING for like forever for it to be shipped. they were moving into a new distribution center..blah blah, and it took like a moNTH to process. i got another confirmation email from them this morning, and it looks like they shipped it finally, but the wROng size. BLAST! but the nice girl on the phone assured me that the correct size would be here by next thrusday. we leave for dallas on thursday morning. what the heck am i going to do with a swimsuit in OCTOBER!? come on!
tonight is my last night. i am SO excited. i'm going to sleep.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

so wow.
this was a post on one of my patient's websites:

i don't even know what to say.
it breaks my heart how much hurt there is in this world.

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

i'm hungry.

so WOW. a lot has happened since i last wrote.
1. i am OFFICIALLY a north carolina driver. (i have a license AND a new plate!) you know what's cool? you get to pICK your background when you get it, either a plane, lighthouse, state seal, or state map. obviously i picked the plane.
2. i went wakeboarding for the first time-super fun, by the way. it's like snowboarding in the summer! yip.
3. i re-arranged my flower bed, again. but now, everything is where it should be. it wasn't cooperating with the shade/sun requirements because of all the trees. but it's better now.
i guess that's it.
oh, and
4. mason SWAM in the water all by himself. i am SO proud! he jumped off the boat into the water, aLL on his own.
5. the ivy is STILL not dead (in the backyard). aaron tried to kill it with a round of round-up, but geez. i think it'll take 3 more tries.
6. we found out how to get into the door that goes under the house! it was all covered with ivy and spiders, but it's cool under there.

so i thought of a few more.

so our race is still ON. my physical therapy is going well...a couple of weeks ago i started having siatic pain, and then like heel spurs (?) or something, but they told me to stop running, and so far, everything is better. hmm. BUT i got new shoes, so that's probably something.
7. i got new running shoes.
8. and running clothes.
9. and michelle gave us those nike running things that go with your ipod, that tell you how far you've gone and how many calories you've burned. ! sounds exciting.

we get to go to TEXAS in a couple of weeks!! i'm so excited. i haven't been home since last november! so that should be fun. we'll get to go home to hang with michelle, see my family, go to austin to see courtney, go to lubbock to see aaron's family, and stop by ol' abliene too. should be fun. the tour o'texas round 2.

10. i FINALLY got my oil changed. all that's left is the inspection. !
me and aaron are going to the beach on thursday for the day. i think that will be fabulous. anne and some other friends are going, too. so hooray!

our debt repayment is going ok. i gave anne our credit cards, so that we aren't tempted to use them. it's SUPER hard, but i can't WAIT until they are gone! i've been working an extra shift at work every week, so hopefully they'll be gone by the time we go to disney world in october.

back to this:ewl=2 pounds.
i think i should start posting this, since i slack so much. esPECially since michelle is doing so well.
someone asked me the other day if i was on a diet.
"i've been on a diet since december".
wow. that's a long time. maybe i should stop eating on the border every now and then. (p.s. i can't WAIT to have texas food when we come home-abuelos, chuy's, bueno, SNO hut, cheddars..yUM!)
i'll try to post some pictures in the next couple of days of what we've been up to...maybe even a link to the wakeboarder-of-all-time clip. that'd be fun :)
anyone else excited about grey's anatomy coming back? i AM. i wonder when america's next top model will come back? hmm.
well there you go.
one more story.
at the dmv, i was waiting in those little chairs, and the girl next to me asked me if i was getting my license for the first time too.
oh my gosh.
i think i need a new look. more highlights, perhaps?

Friday, 10 August 2007


so i hate the dang dmv!
i tried AGAIN yesterday to be legal and get a north carolina lisence, and AGAIN it sucked! i waited foreVER yesterday before work, and then i was processed and started to take my test at 4:57 and the computer shuts off at 5:00. so there you go.
"come back tomorrow"
so i go to work. get off this morning, and then pick up my sleepy (also illegal) husband, and head off to the dmv. this time, no wait (!), but turns out i am a MORON, because i missed ONE question more than i could have to pass. CRAP! so now i have to go back aGAIN to retake the stupid thing. I"M SO MAD!
but what's sad it that i'm mostly mad because i got ready like 3 times now, and STILL no cute lisence picture. arg. i got my hair to the just-right amount of poofyness or whatever, and nothing. it takes FOREVER to dry. july, you know what i mean. the sprunch was in. i was READY!
except the lady in the weird patrol-person uniform told be to "come back monday".
i'll show HER monday.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

jibber jabber

hello people. well mostly just july, michell, and aaron.
i don't think that anyone else reads this.
so HELLO favorite people!
me and aaron are going HERE today:

hooray for getting outta here today! i'll come back tanner than before, so that's good.
some news:
1. the mustache man is no more. i cancelled him. it wasn't going to work.
2. my flowers are getting bigger.
3. i OFFICIALLY signed up for the 13K run in october.
4. my friend liz is moving to orlando right next month right next to an IKEA.

i guess that's all. i'm really not very exciting.

hopefully we'll see this soon!

Friday, 13 July 2007


there's nothing like wearing spandex in front of people you don't know to make you feel good about yourself.
i know.
so, i've been going to physical therapy for my knees the last month. it's been really great, i can actually tell already-they don't hurt as bad :) so, they told me about a research study that duke was doing on knees, and how to better focus their exercises. they wanted regular knee people and hurting people (me) too. so i went to this lab, and they put me in a SPANDEX shorts and SPANDEX shirt with all of these electrodes on me, so that they could follow my muscle movement. pretty cool. EXCEPT that there was an inch or so gap between the shorts and the top, where my little belly found it's way out. eek. AND everyone in physical therapy basically has to be in shape, so that was awesome. and there were boy athletes around, too. eek!
it was neat, though, to see the results..apparently my knees hurt so much becuase certain muscle groups are really weak, and they default to other muscles to do their work, so my knees don't hurt. hmm. so now i have to force these guys to get stronger and vouila! i'm better.
so another funny story. when me and aaron joined our gym in march, it comes with 2 free personal training sessions. i never got around to doing them, but since i'm trying to whip my butt into shape, i thought i'd give it a go.
my trainer has a MUSTACHE. a MUSTACHE that moves when he talks.
so i kept laughing while i'm doing everything because:
1. i'm really (embarassingly) weaker than i thought
2. it's not fun to have your face shake in front of someone you don't know.
3. his mustache would move when he talks.
so yes. i'm basically a big wenie. but maybe robert can whip me into shape. if i go back.
rob: "next time, i'll work you much harder. you'll be really tired, then!"
whit: "oh, hmm. see you then."
rob: "come prepared to work!"
whit: (waving, with half-smile) "ok. see you."

so what i don't understand about personal trainers, is that the whole point is to get you TONED or whatever...but you can't get toned if you don't go back, right? why in the heck would i want to go back to something that isn't fun at all?!? i would do like 15 somethings..and then he would say "great! now we're adding 15 pounds for the next set!" i'm like "next set??!" followed by the face shaking and laughing. i'm a GIRL! you're not supposed to add 15 pounds to anything! gosh. i could barely use my pen tonight at work. i really am a pansy :)
in other news, i'm getting my hair cut/colored next week by a profeSSIOnal. a professional STUdenT, but still. i'm hoping that the color lasts longer than when i do it, being professional and all. yea for haircuts!
me and aaron's anniversario is soon. almost 2 years! that's a lONG time. it feels like we're official married folk. like people will stop going "oh! newlyweds!" whever they ask how long we've been together. my mom sent us an email the other day saying "well, i guess you really will make it! HA!" that's why i love my mom.
i hope everyone has wonderful fridays!

Monday, 9 July 2007

so i bought a green bench yesterday from world market, and it makes me really excited. i also bought a little coffee table thanks to michelle's consultation on the phone. i can never make these decisions on my own. i get so excited about all the possibilities, that i just want everything..or 50 different combinations of something. i think i have a problem.
maybe i'll work at world market instead of pier one when i start again in the fall. hmm.
aaron had all of his apple people over last night for a shin-dig at our house and it was so fun! it was the perfect little ideal bar-b-que moment with my globe-y lights and fun chairs and queso. yum. we were fINally able to have people over and i wasn't wishing i had done just one more thing. it was SO nice. my friend anne said "this is the first time i've seen your house tidy". how funny is that!? it has been randomly tidy, but then we tear it apart again. so that, more than anything makes me excited. hooraY! we are almost settled!
i've been going to pt for my knee for the last couple of weeks, and it's been awesome. who knew that it could actually get better?!? i've been doing these little strenghtening exercises and i can already tell that it's getting stronger. praise god!
i've gotten 2 packages in the last 3 days that are totally exciting...kelley sent me a print of one of her photos that i wanted, that she framed-very fun. it's brown and blue and just veRY artistic, of course. and JULY sent me this delightful package with magazines and the perfect green bag. wah-oo. i wish i had a million dollars to send packages to everyone, because there's really nothing better than that. well, maybe sno-hut. will someone please go to arlington and enjoy a sno hut for me? i've been deprived.
my garden is growing quite nicely. my zinnias are like 2 inches tall. they're so cute. it's amazing how easy it is to grow stuff. you just dump out a packet of seeds and god goes "grow" and it does. pretty cool.
me and aaron and michelle have decided to RUN A HALF MARATHON!! geez. what are we thinking?!?! well, i lied. first we're going to do a 13K (8.2 miles) in october, and THEN we'll do a half-marathon in like january. baby steps. are you so impressed? i just really need something to kick my butt in gear, so that i can be young and in shape before it gets too hard. well, it will be hard now, but at least we have age on our side. so HOPEfully once we become athletic and toned, we can just maintain with yoga or something, but right now, yoga won't make my ghetto booty go away. so yes. we are officially runners. weird. especially because i HATE running. oh well. any takers?
ceramics has started again, but i've missed the first 2 weeks-dang! so i'm really excited for this week. ceramics makes me happy. the end.
has anyone bought the kelly clarkson cd yet? is it good? well, it HAS to be. come on.

Monday, 11 June 2007

i planted poppies from seeds. i hope they grow.

hello people.
so we MOVED into our perfect little house with a big backyard...and it's fabulous. the only thing NOT fabulous is the fact that i have to do regular life things-like work. it's not nEArly as fun as hanging pictures and fixing my little italian kitchen. we have to be out of our little apartment by TOMORROW, so pray that we can get the last of our junk out in time! i'm so sick of those stairs.
how fun! she came with the boyfriend-taylor-and it's exciting. they can only stay until tomorrow night, but it's still nice to see them. i just wish i was less tired...and the house was perfect. oh well.
so WHENEVER stupid time warner hooks up our new houses' internet, i will post some sassy pictures of the last couple of weeks. a recap:
dodgeball pictures.
landscaping with the best of 'em.
painting up a storm.
the ultimate tempur-pedic mattress.
SO there you go. be excited!

Wednesday, 30 May 2007

the garden CLAW

so i'm getting REALLY excited about moving into our little house!! we move this weekend- well, really we can get into the house on friday. BUT we have to do a bunch of yardwork and painting first, so we'll probably move stuff on like monday. i'm so excited to have a little flower garden and a backyard for mason. the backyard right now has ivy all over the place, so we're going to rip up the stuff on the ground, and PLANT grass on friday. i'm excited. i went to home depot the other day with my friend rachel, and i bought all the stuff. i'm going to have a fancy little garden. i think i'd like to try to grow some veggies or maybe pumpkins...but i guess i should just stick with flowers first. hopefully i can be the next martha stewart. or some other famous gardener. i can't WAIT to use my garden claw. i will be aerating with the best of them.
so AARON comes back tomorrow!! he went to texas early friday morning to his great-grandmother's funeral (sad), and i've missed him terribly! it's sad really. but i've just been talking to myself and mason. we've had a good time, though. but i've kind of hit a wall with the packing thing, so at least i'll have some help :)
i cut my friend anne's hair the other day. it looks FANTASTIC. we did highlights, too. it was super-fun. i guess in the last month, i've cut like 4 of my work friend's hair. it's fun to make people look good :)
julie-i can't believe you are counting down the days until you come back, you are crAZY! enjoy it while you can! the rest of us are just jeaLOUs as can be :)
i want these from crate and barrel:

i think it's so sassy. aaron has some new pier one furniture (surprise) that's black and kinda textured, so it'd go perfect! i can't decide, their shipping is like $15. hmm.
i PROMISE, pictures to come on our photo website from the april visitors. sorry!

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

i wish i could have watched the bachelor, but i'm at work.

so i hate north carolina drivers, i've decided!
me and aaron had a horrendous experience the other day driving to raleigh for this art-fest thing downtown (way fun, by the way). they closed down the major interstate to one lane, so of COURSE people have to drive crazy and try to go past the line, and cut over...and basically just screwed everything up. it took us one hour to go 1 1/2 miles to the next exit. CRAP! people kept going around the line on the shoulder and it was SO annoying. one point, me and aaron decided to take a stand and get half into that lane, so we could stop those jerks, but they STILL kept going around us in their little jeeps and stupid acuras. even an ELEMENT betrayed us! blasphemy! it was terrible. at one point, we thought we had a backer behind us, but alas, they too were just trying to go around. one honda civic hatchback against the world. we lost.
when we fINAlly made it to the art festival, it was totally fun. it reminded me of austin. there was a bunch of pottery, so that was neat. i can't wait until i can take my next class! this time, a bunch of work girls want to join me. should be fabulous.
me and aaron move soon, and we haven't packed at ALL. i can't wait to paint our new walls and buy patio furniture and plant a garden. i think i'll buy a 'garden claw'. do you think that they're only available thru the info-mertial? mertial. that looks wrong. we're going to cut down a bunch of ivy that's all over the backyard ground, and try to plant some grass-seeds so that mason can have a backyard. does anyone have any tips on growing grass? i know you need to water it alot, but that's all i got.
i want to get one of those seat-hammocks for our front porch. i think that will be excellent. i can't wait to read magazines and watch the passerbyers on duke street. !

aaron wants to get mason a friend. like a bulldog or a dalmation. i think that sounds fun, but i can't decide if that would make life easier, or harder. i think i'd want a more chill dog, like a BASSET HOUND. so that he/she can sit and watch movies with me. but then would mason drive him/her crazy? should i get another hyper dog?

another dog=fun
mason can run himself silly and quit jumping all over us
mason and the new dog can be friends

one more dog to have someone watch for us if we go out of town
more moo-lah
probably has to be a boy dog so that there's no 'issues'

i guess that's it.

so those puppies are CUTE. oh my gosh. july- is it easier to have 3 cats vs 1? you, my friend, are the pet expansion exPERt.

does anyone listen to amy winehouse? because you SHOULD if you don't.

i thought she was supposed to be all scandalous and angry, but she IS FANTASTIC! she's all bluesy and woNDerful. i wish i could sing like that. me and mason were listening to her today while i was trying to clean the casa.
still no progress on losing more weight...dang! summer is here, and i'm not bikini-ready! oh well. i bought some cute shorts today, so that's something.
i wish i were in london and paris. julie, have SO much fun for me, ok?
what do we think about the grey's anatomy finish? what was THAT about? sometimes i just wish people could be happy and not so self-depricating. !
i want one of these:

hopefully my car can hold out until the end of the summer, and we can save up!
i'm excited.

Monday, 14 May 2007


so it's been forEVER since i last posted. it seems to be a trend of mine..but i don't usually feel like i have that much to say, so yes. here we go.
so the work-a-thon was terrible as expected, but it was awesome to get to senda big check to the ol' credit card company. so now we've cut down our debt by about $3000. so WAH-HOO! soon enough we'll be debt-free and i can get my little element! eep!
otherwise, we are MOVING in a couple of weeks out of our stupid apartment, so that's exciting. the people downstairs finally moved out, so no more mason lOCKDOWn at 11:00pm! that was getting annoying. but we haven't started packing at ALL, so wish me luck. hopefully i can just plop a bunch of stuff in my backseat and make a bunch of trips over there. like 31 times.
my parents and michelle visited us out here a couple of weeks ago, so that was WAY fun! it was nice seeing people from home, and it was REALLY nice just to not be working. we got to go to washington dc, and see all of the capitol stuff...that was cool. and with michelle, we got to spend a night at the beach. i got some sun, which my white body desPERately needed. aaron lost his wedding ring, and then found it (well, the guys with metal detectors found it). it was SO fun to get to hang out again.
we got some new dining chairs for our lovely pier one table! yipee! they are FABulous, as expected. they are on our picture website. i'll try to post the vacation pictures soon...i usually have to ask aaron all kinds of questions, but i'll try!
speaking of, i think aaron might be getting a promotion soon! way to go aaron. he'll soon be a CREATIVE. which sounds so elitist to me, but translated means "the guy who does one-on-one training to help people learn how to use their computers". but he LOVES doing that anyways, so perfect!
i've been cutting a lot of people's hair out here that's been fun. i'd love to go to cosmetology school out here part time, but the only one i've found is only full time. plus, it takes like 9 months to complete. yikes! i figure i'll either do hair or interior design when i get tired of nursing in like 15 years. should be fun :)
my little man at work got discharged like 2 weeks ago, hooraY! it's great to see kids going home...sometimes i forget that some people actually DO get better. it's been hard up here lately...sometimes i don't know how i do this everyday! i never thought i would want to do pediatric oncology-especially with the kids where treatment didn't work before...but i really do like my job. i think god has been able to lift my spirits through my little support system of aaron and mason. plus, i have a lot more friends out here now, so that's always good. and ice cream doesn't hurt either.
so the whole get skinny program is back on. i stopped for a little while because, basically it's no fun being on a diet. but APPAREnTLY it's really easy to gain weight back, so my progress has been stunted! drat! so my ewl of 20 lbs went to about 14 lbs. oh well. back on :)
go see "in the land of women" with adam brody, it's fabulous. and eat lots of popcorn for me.
july, i hope your trip to oxford goes peachily-i'm sure you'll be GREAT! i watched "you've got mail" last night, and thought of you :)

Sunday, 8 April 2007

visual aides

how FANTASTIC is this little dinner set. does it scream whitney or what?! i think i need those. (thanks july for the online tutorial, i'm JUST NOW going back and figuring out what you said.)
perhaps this can go in our new little RENT house that we found last week!!!!! i'd post a picutre, but i only took some with my camera we'll see. but it's this perfect little house in "historic duke district" that has wood floors and a perfect, bright kitchen, a front porch that is as wide as the HOUSE is, and a big deck out back for summer bar-b-quing. plus, it's fenced in so our little mason can have a place to play. june 1st, here we come!

this is a picture of the little guy i've been taking care of at work lately. he's awesome. obviously. look at that hat.

so otherwise, my life's been pretty crazy lately. i've been working like a ToN of overtime, for our unit and another pediatric icu stepdown unit. it's been NUTS. but i'll be glad in a couple of weeks when we can pay off a lot of our credit cards. i can't wait!! maybe then we can finally get a mattress that fits our bed. and a coffee table. and chairs for our dining table. anyways.
i bought a giant ceramic tomato for our italian kitchen from target. i love any store that will sell giant fruits.

well, i should go work now. look at me and all of my pictures!

Monday, 26 March 2007

i'm sleePY.

so, it SEEMS we are going to have 2 visitors in the next month! yip! we haven't had any official visitors since we moved out here besides the accidental crashing of merryl on their us that should be fun. MICHELLE and MY PARENTS all within like 2 weeks, what to do! i feel like i should plan something fun, you know, to show them how life here is really like..but we haven't really done a lot of exploring yet. we just saw the duke chapel for the first time last pitiful. so maybe we'll take a trip up somewhere like dc, or something. any suggestions? i'd like to do an 'elizabethtown' sort of road trip. like stop at the world's largest lipstick statue or something. that'd be a great picture.
i got sick last week, yucK! norovirus=disasterous.
on a lighter note, the "gettin' skinny" is going well. ewl= 19.5 pounds! WOOT. so now, i'm basically where i was before we moved out here. but i'll keep on trudging. i've got a lot of skinny friends out here that want to have pool yes.
no luck on getting out of our lease early. the earliest we can move is june. so until then, we have to walk softly around our apartment, and send hate beams through the floorboards to our downstaris-neighbors.
aaron bought me 'the holiday' to cheer me up the other day when i was under the weather. it makes me want to dance around in a party dress. hooray for aaRON.
ok, must give report now. hope everyone's monday is SUPERB.

Friday, 16 March 2007

our downstairs neighbors are DUMB

so we got our 2nd complaint from our downstairs nerghbors about our little puppy mason. i just HATE them! they say they can hear his little feet running around and they are fuddy-duddies and go to be at like 9, and i'm ANGRY!! so yes. now, we have to keep him crated up after 11, even if we are awake...which we always are. so no fun. we are going to be looking for a rent house to move into in june, so wish us good searching!
aaron signed us up for a gym membership that was really cheap, so that should be fun. they have a MAMBA classes and HIP HOP maybe i'll get some rhythm. or at least some embarassment.
i'm going to be working a lot of overtime the next couple of weeks, to try to pay off some of our credit card debt. it will be tough, but i'll be glad to have a lighter stresses us out EVERY day.
me and aaron started to do some of our taxes the other day. it was SUPER fun. we used turbotax and got to watch our little green "return" number go up and up! exciting :)
i got my delias shirts the other day, and my life has been significantly better since then. you have NO idea.

Thursday, 8 March 2007

i should have been born in colorado

so, SNOWBOARDING was amazing!
i keep telling myself that if i were born in colorado then i'd be in the x games by yes. just call me the next shawn white. or whitney white.
aaron did really well, i'm SO proud. now it's official-we can have a little snowboarding family one day. PERFECT! (i saw one there...the mom was like 35 and the kids were around 8 with shaggy sufer hair and it was perfect!)
i'll write more tomorrow, because i'm super sore and i need to unpack my treasures from TARGET. hooray for the mountains!

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

goodbye seth cohen

so is anyone else so SAD that the oc is over?!! because i AM.
me and mason and aaron were watching the FINAL episode just now and it was so cute...aaron and mason fell asleep and we were all lying on the couch, all snuggled up. it was so funny, because they were both sNORing so loud, i couldn't tell who was who. it was awesome. i wish i would have had a tape recorder..or a camera or something. what an strange little lazy family we are.
i saw pan's labyrinth last night. it was pretty interesting. really cool, but that sort of artsy..not necessarily everyone's taste. but it was in spanish, with subtitiles, and it was awesome hearing some of the voices. it made me want to watch ameilie or life is beautiful. overall, really cool.
michelle- i pulled into the walmart parking lot today and parked next to a goldie honda. i said "oh, goldie. i miss you" out loud in my car. just thought that you should know i was missing you and your car today.
i was looking at this:
website today, and it made me want to drop everything and become a photographer. this girl is SO cute and super-talented. if she wasn't based in LUBBOCK i'd say aaron should work for her when we move back to texas. i could be the sassy receptionist, or something. but seriously, this girl is GOOD.
drumroll please....
it's official. we are ACUTALLY going SNOWBOARDING next week!!!! what!@?!?! well, it's semi-official anyways. i'll make the reservation tomorrow. but the work/money/friends going situation is finally set. as of next monday, i will be the best version of myself for about 3 days. EEEEEEIIEK. !

Saturday, 24 February 2007

so i'm OLDer

i know, i's been foreVER since i last posted. well, i've been working so THERE.
anyways, i've decided to make a blog resolution. instead of waiting to post these mega posts like weekly, i've decided to post short ones more often. yes, no more waiting! (and july, i'm sorry about not writing you more often, EITHER. so you are resolution number two.)

so monday was ME and COURTNEY'S birthdays! hooray! it was a fun day. i woke up and lounged around the house like a bum, and ate PANCAKES for the first time in months. (michelle, i miss our late night ihop trips!) and then we went bowling with my friend liz from work, and two of aaron's friends from apple. it was fun, i made/bowled a STRIKE because i'm awesome. THEN we went to pf changs, which was of course, delicious. i could eat there for every meal. aaron surprised be with one of those cute circle necklaces, which was wonderful :) :) *DIAMONDS! i exclaimed* so good job to the HUSBAND, you are cute.

(i haven't figured out how exactly to post things. third resolution.)

pier one has been totally fun, by the way. it's like the ideal job for me. the corporate home office is in fort worth, it looks like i'm just going to work there when i get sick of nursing in like 10 years. i think that's be perfect. it hardly even feels like work. i just wander around, straightening things, and moving around displays and helping old ladys find the perfect sette for their beach house. the ONLY bad thing is that my apron is RED, not cute BROWN like the regular priced stores (ours is a clearance center). but that's ok, still an apron anyhow.
we purchased our first grown-up dining table from there the other day, for like nothing. it's amazing, these discounts. MICHELLE!! you should just move here and i can get you all of these wonderful things for your apartment. it's such a waste that i don't have that many people here to share my wonderful discount with...and those that i could, don't have such an interest in better-ing their decor. which is sad on MANY levels.
at work, me and this other nurse have formed a "decorating comittee", which is fabulous. instead of boring ones like 'recruitment and retention', and 'patient and family education' (which i'm on), i get to help transform our unit to each upcoming holiday. :) last night we hung little clovers and leprachauns(?) everwhere. so fun. i'm going to try to finish the rest tonight.
mason decided that it'd be cool to chew up my glasses the other day, so i've been wearing my old ones all week. i've been feeling spunkier and more punk-like. i have this discussion all of the time with aaron, but he doesn't care. after i graduated, i felt like i should "grow up" a bit in my know, and try to look classier. so i've been buying "what not to wear" approved things, to try to look schnazzier. but it never really felt like it was working, you know? i'm not really a sleek, sophistacated person yes, fourth resolution: forget trying to be something i'm not-embrace the punkiness! i think i'm going back to the converse and tshirt wearing days. (hopefully with my new skinny body, i won't feel the need to cover up anymore.) big life changes here, people. converses=happiness. (julie, you know how you feel when you make your hair straight? it's been like that for the last 6 months. like pseudo-whitney. you're the only other person that really gets that :) )
by the way, ewl=12 pounds. me and courtney took like a 2 week break from the ol' diet, but now it's back ON. bikini's here we come!
i think we're going to have some visitors here in the near future!! yip! courtney might come in april, MICHELLE is trying to come at the end of parents want to come soon, and aaron's parent's want to visit in june. HOORAY! we're so PoPUlar.
here is a link to our mac-photo website.

we FINALLY updated pictures from our trip home and of our little mason.
i'll write more later, must go get a 'beep'.

Thursday, 15 February 2007

i suck

so i'm at work right now...i just got here, and turns out I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO WORK TODAY.
yes. that's right.
in my calendar, i wrote that i work on thursday, but turns out, it's FRIDAY. so now, i'm going back home to sleep.
this would be great, except that i'm scheduled to work at pier one tomorrow, THINKING that i wasn't supposed to be here. oops!
i don't like working two jobs.

Thursday, 8 February 2007

i don't like waking up early

hello. it's been FOREVER since i last posted...everytime i thought about it, i was too busy and/or forgot.
this last week has been CRAZY! i started at pier one, and i've been working some overtime at betwee the two, i've hardly been home. it's NO fun. i thought that i could do the two jobs, but it looks like it won't be as much fun as originally anticipated. HOPEFULLY i can get to work 2 8-hour days at pier one, instead of 3-shorter shifts because then at least i can have one day off. BUT i know this is for the best, i just want that credit card debt GONE for good. so pray for me and aaron, becuase it's no fun working all the time!
next, ceramics last night was SO FUN. since i only go once a week though, i don't get to make nearly as much stuff as i'd like....and since i'm WORKING on all of my "days off", then i can't go in for the open studio. STINK! but, it's still fantaSTIC to be doing pottery again.
work has been hard lately. we lost another little boy the other day. it's hard to know how you're going to react to things like's sad to say that so far, i'd been ok-even though we've had a tough year since i started. but this little guy was especially sad because i'd actually taken care of him alot. with the others, i was able to keep an "emotional distance" because i hadn't been their nurse that often, so it was a little easier. but at least now, i know he's dancing around heaven instead of feeling crummy here.
on a happier note, mason is getting bigger by the day! he's teething now, so he's losing teeth randomly, and its so funny he's discovered raw-hide bones, and now he's so happy! he just runs around in circles and tosses his bone up in the air. so CUTE!
i got to go to pf changs the other day, yipee! it was fun to be bad, and forget about the diet. so far, ewl=10 pounds. good, but not as good as i'd wanted by this point. but something EXCITING to look forward to....i think we're going S N O W B O A R D I N G for my birthday weekend!! what better way to spend my birthday day than on the snow?!? since we're poor, we'll just go for early sunday morning and stay just one night. but i'm TOTALLY excited. !
is anyone else excited by the fact that loreli and luke are *possibly* looking like they're maybe getting back together!?!? (gilmore girls, obviously!) i'm SO glad, i like christopher, but he's just kind of a punk sometimes. but LUKE has always been there for her, and he just LOVES her so's perfect. what's really annoying is how FLAKY loreli is! gosh! i wish one of these guys would just say something. i love how spunky and sassy and fast-talking she is, but dang! is she wishy-washy about those boys.
i'm promise i'm going to get aaron to show my how to post pictures on my blog. he says it's complicated because we have a mac and most of the 'picture posting' websites are for stupid pc's. so yes, JULY please help me!! what do you use? i know you are a pc user, but we can still swap secrets, right?
well, i must go, i'm at work....but i'll write more later!

Sunday, 28 January 2007


well, my week off was very productive.
we were SUPPOSED to go snowboarding this week, but 1) there was no snow, and 2)we are POOR.
which brings me to my next point...i got a JOB at PIER ONE!!! since we ARE so poor, and i've always wanted to work at pier one...i applied. wednesday after my CERAMICS class, the manager called me and i had an interview thursday. i start monday! yip! what's really cool is that i get to set up displays, check people out, AND wear a cute apron and nametag. seriously, so FUN! i don't get paid that much, but at least i will enjoy going to work.
ceramics this week was really fun. i made two bowls.
AND this girl in my class is DRIVING ME CRAZY! she's like super-potter and whips out these bowls one right after the other. and everyone in the class is like "oh, you're SOOO good, wow!! you've made SOOOO MAANNYY!!" and she's all non-chalant about it, like "oh, yeah. well...". and i just HATE it! not only because the bowls aren't even that CUTE, but because she's not even gracious about all of the flattery. the end.
i steam cleaned our carpets this week. i feel MUCH better about life.
mason is basically house-trained. me and aaron are like super-parents. i'm so proud.
gettin' skinny is going ok. ewl=8 pounds.
i saw a picture of myself at a work christmas party, and i almost CRIED. oh my gosh. someone should have told me eariler that i looked HORRIBLE and huge-round face. ekk. i'm glad that i've actually showed progress, but i've still got a long ways to go.
some girls from work got together yesterday for a scrapbooking party. so i decided that i should go. i'm not really a scrapbooking-kind of girl, but i need some friends, so yes. i went. but we didn't end up scrapbooking afer all. so yes. i still have my dignity. and spunkiness. so there, aaron!
think about me on monday, because i'll be having the BEST time!
happy marriage noel and patrick.
happy late birthday daniel (kelley's husband)
happy late birthday bret.

Sunday, 21 January 2007

i like popcorn

so me and aaron really like the oc, right? well, since the 4th season started, we haven't gotten to watch any becuase we missed the first three episodes. so for like forever we've had them saved on our dvr, and i've been DYING to watch.....and today is the dAY! we read mini reviews online ( i know, dorks) and since about 10:00 we've been watching them all back-to-back. HOORAY! i'm excited.
that's really all.
ps. it snowed the other day. it's been a good week :)

Thursday, 18 January 2007

I have no idea what to put here:

so YES, it's true. i've started a blog. mostly because i want to be just like july..and that's really it.
PLUS, this is a very MOMENTUS day-well deserving of a post!

today, i went to a C E R A M I C S class!! eek!
what's that, you say? yes, a ceramics class just for me! a girl at work told me about this "durham arts council" they have here, where you can take like painting, photography, BELLYdancing, and other fun things. if i didn't have a HUGE fear of dancing, much less dancing in front of anyone, ESPECIALLY in some midriff-revealing top..then i would TOTALLY do it. anyways, back to business. i get to take a ceramics class that's basically for people that have done it before, but just needed a place to do it and all of the supplies. i feel like i'm using too many exclamation points, but i'm too excited!!!! !!
so yes, today i made a beautiful vase for the first time in almost TWO and a HALF years. it was exquisite. (making pottery, not the vase exactly)


i'm trying to stay awake tonight because i work tomorrow, so i'm sitting around watching "i love new york" and it makes me want to have big african lips. sPEakING of, i saw dreamgirls the other was so GOOD. i wish i were beyonce. she's so fabulous. those girls can sAANg.

it's supposed to snow here tomorrow morning, YIP! i hope it does, so that aaron can stay home from work and we can make a snowman. it's been so warm this winter, i've barely gotten to wear any of my spunky scarves! and that's the most fun thing about the cold weather. so BRING ON THE SNOW. and the scarves.

titling my blog made me start to think about italy if you haven't seen it, watch "under the tuscan sun" for me and you can come visit me some day and we can eat pizza and get fat. sounds marvelous.

at work, we talk about our kid's progress in terms of "day + __(day of their transplant)". like day + 8, means their transplant was eight days ago. since me and courtney started the "getting skinny" program on dec 19th, i've been thinking of my life like that. "day +27 of gettin' skinny". so yes, i think i'll add that to my posts.
today is day + 31 of getting skinny. ewl (estimated weight loss): 6 pounds.
i think that it's good for me to post my progress, so that if i start slacking off, you guys can leave messages to remind me to get on it! so far, it's been going ok. aaron decided to join me as of days ago. so aaron is day +4. so HOPEFULLY by summertime, we will be the next brad pitt and felicity. (but mostly because of her hair, obviously.)

i'll post pictures and other fun links when i figure all this out.