Monday, 26 March 2007

i'm sleePY.

so, it SEEMS we are going to have 2 visitors in the next month! yip! we haven't had any official visitors since we moved out here besides the accidental crashing of merryl on their us that should be fun. MICHELLE and MY PARENTS all within like 2 weeks, what to do! i feel like i should plan something fun, you know, to show them how life here is really like..but we haven't really done a lot of exploring yet. we just saw the duke chapel for the first time last pitiful. so maybe we'll take a trip up somewhere like dc, or something. any suggestions? i'd like to do an 'elizabethtown' sort of road trip. like stop at the world's largest lipstick statue or something. that'd be a great picture.
i got sick last week, yucK! norovirus=disasterous.
on a lighter note, the "gettin' skinny" is going well. ewl= 19.5 pounds! WOOT. so now, i'm basically where i was before we moved out here. but i'll keep on trudging. i've got a lot of skinny friends out here that want to have pool yes.
no luck on getting out of our lease early. the earliest we can move is june. so until then, we have to walk softly around our apartment, and send hate beams through the floorboards to our downstaris-neighbors.
aaron bought me 'the holiday' to cheer me up the other day when i was under the weather. it makes me want to dance around in a party dress. hooray for aaRON.
ok, must give report now. hope everyone's monday is SUPERB.

Friday, 16 March 2007

our downstairs neighbors are DUMB

so we got our 2nd complaint from our downstairs nerghbors about our little puppy mason. i just HATE them! they say they can hear his little feet running around and they are fuddy-duddies and go to be at like 9, and i'm ANGRY!! so yes. now, we have to keep him crated up after 11, even if we are awake...which we always are. so no fun. we are going to be looking for a rent house to move into in june, so wish us good searching!
aaron signed us up for a gym membership that was really cheap, so that should be fun. they have a MAMBA classes and HIP HOP maybe i'll get some rhythm. or at least some embarassment.
i'm going to be working a lot of overtime the next couple of weeks, to try to pay off some of our credit card debt. it will be tough, but i'll be glad to have a lighter stresses us out EVERY day.
me and aaron started to do some of our taxes the other day. it was SUPER fun. we used turbotax and got to watch our little green "return" number go up and up! exciting :)
i got my delias shirts the other day, and my life has been significantly better since then. you have NO idea.

Thursday, 8 March 2007

i should have been born in colorado

so, SNOWBOARDING was amazing!
i keep telling myself that if i were born in colorado then i'd be in the x games by yes. just call me the next shawn white. or whitney white.
aaron did really well, i'm SO proud. now it's official-we can have a little snowboarding family one day. PERFECT! (i saw one there...the mom was like 35 and the kids were around 8 with shaggy sufer hair and it was perfect!)
i'll write more tomorrow, because i'm super sore and i need to unpack my treasures from TARGET. hooray for the mountains!