Sunday, 8 April 2007

visual aides

how FANTASTIC is this little dinner set. does it scream whitney or what?! i think i need those. (thanks july for the online tutorial, i'm JUST NOW going back and figuring out what you said.)
perhaps this can go in our new little RENT house that we found last week!!!!! i'd post a picutre, but i only took some with my camera we'll see. but it's this perfect little house in "historic duke district" that has wood floors and a perfect, bright kitchen, a front porch that is as wide as the HOUSE is, and a big deck out back for summer bar-b-quing. plus, it's fenced in so our little mason can have a place to play. june 1st, here we come!

this is a picture of the little guy i've been taking care of at work lately. he's awesome. obviously. look at that hat.

so otherwise, my life's been pretty crazy lately. i've been working like a ToN of overtime, for our unit and another pediatric icu stepdown unit. it's been NUTS. but i'll be glad in a couple of weeks when we can pay off a lot of our credit cards. i can't wait!! maybe then we can finally get a mattress that fits our bed. and a coffee table. and chairs for our dining table. anyways.
i bought a giant ceramic tomato for our italian kitchen from target. i love any store that will sell giant fruits.

well, i should go work now. look at me and all of my pictures!