Friday, 10 August 2007


so i hate the dang dmv!
i tried AGAIN yesterday to be legal and get a north carolina lisence, and AGAIN it sucked! i waited foreVER yesterday before work, and then i was processed and started to take my test at 4:57 and the computer shuts off at 5:00. so there you go.
"come back tomorrow"
so i go to work. get off this morning, and then pick up my sleepy (also illegal) husband, and head off to the dmv. this time, no wait (!), but turns out i am a MORON, because i missed ONE question more than i could have to pass. CRAP! so now i have to go back aGAIN to retake the stupid thing. I"M SO MAD!
but what's sad it that i'm mostly mad because i got ready like 3 times now, and STILL no cute lisence picture. arg. i got my hair to the just-right amount of poofyness or whatever, and nothing. it takes FOREVER to dry. july, you know what i mean. the sprunch was in. i was READY!
except the lady in the weird patrol-person uniform told be to "come back monday".
i'll show HER monday.