Saturday, 24 November 2007


so basically, august rush is the best movie ever. it was heaven (in the voice of the little boy from 'the holiday'.
everyone should go see it tomorrow. and that's that. it was perfect and i knew it would be, but really. delightful.

in other words.
i didn't have to work thanksgiving, so that was aWEsome! well, i worked the night before, but the night of..they got to send a patient home, so that meant I got to stay home! yipee :) aaron decided around 2 pm that he was going to cook thanksgiving dinner. it was awesome. he made stuffing, sweet yams, green bean casserole, chicken (i know. turkey's overrated) and rolls (which got!) it was fantastic. i'm married to a regular paula dean. or rachel ray. i guess he'd be more like rachel ray, seeing as she's also hip and cool.
so this morning i ate burned rolls and pumpkin pie for breakfast. it was perfect.
operation:organize house is almost that's fun. i might put up our christmas tree tomorrow.
i CANNOT BELIEVE IT SNOWED IN DALLAS ON THANKSGIVING! i'm SO SO jealous! it was cold here, but not snow-cold.
i think about snowboarding all of the time. i really hope we can go this year...the alternative makes me very sad. come on aaron's job! we're trying to be patient..but it's getting tough!
mason is sitting next to me intently chewing a rubber bone. he's making funny squeaking sounds. he's really the coolest dog ever.
hope everyone has fun weekends. stay away from the malls!

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