Saturday, 24 November 2007


so basically, august rush is the best movie ever. it was heaven (in the voice of the little boy from 'the holiday'.
everyone should go see it tomorrow. and that's that. it was perfect and i knew it would be, but really. delightful.

in other words.
i didn't have to work thanksgiving, so that was aWEsome! well, i worked the night before, but the night of..they got to send a patient home, so that meant I got to stay home! yipee :) aaron decided around 2 pm that he was going to cook thanksgiving dinner. it was awesome. he made stuffing, sweet yams, green bean casserole, chicken (i know. turkey's overrated) and rolls (which got!) it was fantastic. i'm married to a regular paula dean. or rachel ray. i guess he'd be more like rachel ray, seeing as she's also hip and cool.
so this morning i ate burned rolls and pumpkin pie for breakfast. it was perfect.
operation:organize house is almost that's fun. i might put up our christmas tree tomorrow.
i CANNOT BELIEVE IT SNOWED IN DALLAS ON THANKSGIVING! i'm SO SO jealous! it was cold here, but not snow-cold.
i think about snowboarding all of the time. i really hope we can go this year...the alternative makes me very sad. come on aaron's job! we're trying to be patient..but it's getting tough!
mason is sitting next to me intently chewing a rubber bone. he's making funny squeaking sounds. he's really the coolest dog ever.
hope everyone has fun weekends. stay away from the malls!

Wednesday, 21 November 2007


so thanksgiving is coming up...hooray for rolls! except i have to WORK on thanksgiving! so basically it won't really feel like anything. can someone plEAse eat some rolls and pumpkin pie for me and tell me how it was?!

disney was really fun. florida was much more rainy and cloudy than we expected...but still exciting to be out of town. our race was good. and by good i mean good that we finished! holy cow. i can't believe we did it! i stuck with aaron, and we stopped a couple of times, but we mostly ran it all. HOORAY! if you would have told me 4 months ago that i could run 8.2 miles i would have just died. well, we did and i just feLt like i was dying.
one plus: we saw joey fatone and got a picture with him! how funny

i guess he was there seeing a friend do the race. random!
disney was great...i got to have my picture taken with the princesses. so that was cool.
and seeing everything was really fun. we got to ride a lot of stuff. too bad it rained on us though! that's why we look so crappy :)

aaron had fun in the gift shop-

sea world was awesome it's like aaron's ultimate place, so he had a blast. we took a behind-the-scenes tour, so that was really cool. we got to touch a penguin, feed the sea otters, feed and pet the dolphins, and eat dinner next to shamu's pool. the shows were pretty awesome, we (of course) got some neat pictures:

so yeah. we had a good time. if you want to see more of the like MIlliON pictures, you can go to
and you can even download from there, if you so choose :)

miss you already michelle!

we even got to rent these dirt bikes in daytona beach with michelle's brother. that was rAD.

so since we've gotten back i've done hardly aNY running, and gotten a bunch of stuff done around the house. we are almost FINALLY moved in! about time-5 months later! i'm making aaron put up shelves and things, and i've been organizing...basically just a lOT of fun. i'm excited to not have an agenda at home. i can just be dOne, with no piles of anything laying around.
i'm excited about christmas! me and aaron still aren't doing any presents this year (he's still jobless), but at least i'm not it should feel like a real holiday :) and we've got some friends who are also stuck here this year, so that'll be nice. i'll post pictures of our christmas tree this weekend when i put it up.
till next time!
ps. july-i got a tray of chicken bitties the other day for me and aaron and i thought of you.