Saturday, 21 July 2007

jibber jabber

hello people. well mostly just july, michell, and aaron.
i don't think that anyone else reads this.
so HELLO favorite people!
me and aaron are going HERE today:

hooray for getting outta here today! i'll come back tanner than before, so that's good.
some news:
1. the mustache man is no more. i cancelled him. it wasn't going to work.
2. my flowers are getting bigger.
3. i OFFICIALLY signed up for the 13K run in october.
4. my friend liz is moving to orlando right next month right next to an IKEA.

i guess that's all. i'm really not very exciting.

hopefully we'll see this soon!

Friday, 13 July 2007


there's nothing like wearing spandex in front of people you don't know to make you feel good about yourself.
i know.
so, i've been going to physical therapy for my knees the last month. it's been really great, i can actually tell already-they don't hurt as bad :) so, they told me about a research study that duke was doing on knees, and how to better focus their exercises. they wanted regular knee people and hurting people (me) too. so i went to this lab, and they put me in a SPANDEX shorts and SPANDEX shirt with all of these electrodes on me, so that they could follow my muscle movement. pretty cool. EXCEPT that there was an inch or so gap between the shorts and the top, where my little belly found it's way out. eek. AND everyone in physical therapy basically has to be in shape, so that was awesome. and there were boy athletes around, too. eek!
it was neat, though, to see the results..apparently my knees hurt so much becuase certain muscle groups are really weak, and they default to other muscles to do their work, so my knees don't hurt. hmm. so now i have to force these guys to get stronger and vouila! i'm better.
so another funny story. when me and aaron joined our gym in march, it comes with 2 free personal training sessions. i never got around to doing them, but since i'm trying to whip my butt into shape, i thought i'd give it a go.
my trainer has a MUSTACHE. a MUSTACHE that moves when he talks.
so i kept laughing while i'm doing everything because:
1. i'm really (embarassingly) weaker than i thought
2. it's not fun to have your face shake in front of someone you don't know.
3. his mustache would move when he talks.
so yes. i'm basically a big wenie. but maybe robert can whip me into shape. if i go back.
rob: "next time, i'll work you much harder. you'll be really tired, then!"
whit: "oh, hmm. see you then."
rob: "come prepared to work!"
whit: (waving, with half-smile) "ok. see you."

so what i don't understand about personal trainers, is that the whole point is to get you TONED or whatever...but you can't get toned if you don't go back, right? why in the heck would i want to go back to something that isn't fun at all?!? i would do like 15 somethings..and then he would say "great! now we're adding 15 pounds for the next set!" i'm like "next set??!" followed by the face shaking and laughing. i'm a GIRL! you're not supposed to add 15 pounds to anything! gosh. i could barely use my pen tonight at work. i really am a pansy :)
in other news, i'm getting my hair cut/colored next week by a profeSSIOnal. a professional STUdenT, but still. i'm hoping that the color lasts longer than when i do it, being professional and all. yea for haircuts!
me and aaron's anniversario is soon. almost 2 years! that's a lONG time. it feels like we're official married folk. like people will stop going "oh! newlyweds!" whever they ask how long we've been together. my mom sent us an email the other day saying "well, i guess you really will make it! HA!" that's why i love my mom.
i hope everyone has wonderful fridays!

Monday, 9 July 2007

so i bought a green bench yesterday from world market, and it makes me really excited. i also bought a little coffee table thanks to michelle's consultation on the phone. i can never make these decisions on my own. i get so excited about all the possibilities, that i just want everything..or 50 different combinations of something. i think i have a problem.
maybe i'll work at world market instead of pier one when i start again in the fall. hmm.
aaron had all of his apple people over last night for a shin-dig at our house and it was so fun! it was the perfect little ideal bar-b-que moment with my globe-y lights and fun chairs and queso. yum. we were fINally able to have people over and i wasn't wishing i had done just one more thing. it was SO nice. my friend anne said "this is the first time i've seen your house tidy". how funny is that!? it has been randomly tidy, but then we tear it apart again. so that, more than anything makes me excited. hooraY! we are almost settled!
i've been going to pt for my knee for the last couple of weeks, and it's been awesome. who knew that it could actually get better?!? i've been doing these little strenghtening exercises and i can already tell that it's getting stronger. praise god!
i've gotten 2 packages in the last 3 days that are totally exciting...kelley sent me a print of one of her photos that i wanted, that she framed-very fun. it's brown and blue and just veRY artistic, of course. and JULY sent me this delightful package with magazines and the perfect green bag. wah-oo. i wish i had a million dollars to send packages to everyone, because there's really nothing better than that. well, maybe sno-hut. will someone please go to arlington and enjoy a sno hut for me? i've been deprived.
my garden is growing quite nicely. my zinnias are like 2 inches tall. they're so cute. it's amazing how easy it is to grow stuff. you just dump out a packet of seeds and god goes "grow" and it does. pretty cool.
me and aaron and michelle have decided to RUN A HALF MARATHON!! geez. what are we thinking?!?! well, i lied. first we're going to do a 13K (8.2 miles) in october, and THEN we'll do a half-marathon in like january. baby steps. are you so impressed? i just really need something to kick my butt in gear, so that i can be young and in shape before it gets too hard. well, it will be hard now, but at least we have age on our side. so HOPEfully once we become athletic and toned, we can just maintain with yoga or something, but right now, yoga won't make my ghetto booty go away. so yes. we are officially runners. weird. especially because i HATE running. oh well. any takers?
ceramics has started again, but i've missed the first 2 weeks-dang! so i'm really excited for this week. ceramics makes me happy. the end.
has anyone bought the kelly clarkson cd yet? is it good? well, it HAS to be. come on.